Monday, 1 December 2008


For those who thought ofgem was bad; ofcom makes that entity look like a staunch bastion of consumer hope and action, but enough about dinosaurs.

Ofcons charter has obviously been thrown out of the window, for been to problematic.  And why ofcon?  Because we have been so conned into believing this was an organisation set up for the benefit of the millions of people who use telephones, broadband, mobile services.  Those whose only sanction is to walk away and try to find a different provider.  But even that's beset with it's own problems. Want to port your number or port your broadband?  Tough!  Just come with us so we can make sure your options are encased in concrete before been weighed down by iron weights - like the good old days.  But, enough of smoke and mirrors.  Who needs good facts, when bad facts are twice as good for half the price.

So in honour of ofcom's inability to realise - or care, that consumers are been cheated, misled, taken round the houses on a mystery tour they're dearly paying for. In honour of ofcom (and the asa) like rabbits caught and blinded by the industry - it's supposed to regulate; it's time this useless guano was renamed something more appropriate, and my has there been many helpful (however questionable) names put forward already.

Sadly my t'penny ha'penny worth only came to, office of codswolloping odorous mange.

But onto more pleasing concerns...


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