Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The one day...

No buses polluting the air with revs, vibrations or fumes, no queues for thudding ear-splitting events "tossing the casket" with split pressure bangs, no relations nor relatives nor dogs slippering the streets, no cooking nor been cooked for bent double in the eve, no music, no crackers, in fact nothing pulled at all, no rubbish tv, no presents to open and say "thank you," before taking them back, no watching presents being opened and seeing them thinking of taking them back, no hordes of boy/girl racers outdoors, christmas in its own strange way is the most perfect day of all.

For a hermit.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Spiriting future

Day rotates thru night and the quiet, sulkily departs,

but, before the frost begins,

a screech rents the air.

"Punta. You tart," splits the silent night in twain.

When did I start dreaming in Spanish?


And i'm aroused...

To find the windows slight crack's filtering sounds,

no longer braced by fully formed foam.

A girl/wife/missus in flagrante with a brother/father/son's been found?

Then, as the fallen plug's popped, the last few hours skid,

into a filed abyss late 20 10,

riding blossoming morning sun.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Spiriting pasts

As 'mentalists in uganda pick up the cudgels and banners of hate, for the sake of "what is right", the ghost of amin past spins, if only half approvingly, in the knowledge a destructive legacy's still on the path.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merrymass messages

In today's world you can't change your mind - changing your mind shows indecisiveness, caving in, being supine, falling under a guise, being a ditherer, neither martha nor arthur, in the air, air-head, wishful thinker; whilst going from birth to death in randomly different ways (even though on that final day our bodies slowly decay into worm food or take the quick flash-burn into energised atoms) is akin to a cardinal sin (to borrow from the floweriness of the rosary convention) unless, of course, you have the ability to snook-a-took at the mores, conventions and chains that tie you into our modern-cohesive-social-inequality prisons which dictate that you're doing okay, or will be okay, just as long as you put these blinkers on and don't deviate to far against the norms; sure make billions but don't obviously rip too many people off, or if you do (and get caught) don't look too smug; yes in the name of profit screw those far poorer just to cream that extra one tenth of a hundredth of a thousandth of a percent to show your competitor (or fellow presidents) who rules the roost, after all its only lip-service cutting the ribbon then adding an extra swiss zero: before flowing on to say things will get better as communities the world over cling to unending years of indentured hopefulness.

Oh, nearly forgot.

Merry cmas one and all.


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Taxing happiness

It's amazing how people are quick to accept the worst (when it concurs) with what they expect, yet you can talk till your blue in the face and they just won't believe - but tell them what it is they wish to hear (true or false) and they'll hang onto those slivering scintillas like words of laws etched in stone.
So it was with the failed copenhagen climate summit - no really it was a momentous failure. We can already see the next bubble finding its feet, testing its bonds, flexing its teeth, as it will (in time) be another global behemoth added to the bills that we pay through sites which will have passed the veterinary test of anodyne inanity especially when they come to fully opening for your loyal injection or compulsory patriotic voluntary vote.
But things really go down hill after you pick the wrong contestant to win in the national v-factor, and you only evade communal-sanction by correctly placing your "x" next to the "correct" overlord in the nepac elections. Not to worry. Everything will be hunky everything will be dory; but above all, everyone will be happy!


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Passion and drama

A while ago, many years in fact, an advert used to run on terrestrial uk networks, in the papers, on the tube from a company whose brand has gone the way of many an old-world dinosaur institution (either been taken over or had a name change), saying “we never make a drama out of a crisis!”

It would seem that in the todays world things no longer need to be at crisis levels, before baby, bathwater, entire bathroom's pitched into the event horizon of despair by a misheard word, a misunderstood phrase, or just an "i" that haplessly wanders out of place.

Now though, we're conditioned upon hearing the words "terrorist" or "pedo" or (for those across the pond) "socialist", for the terms "no smoke without fire" or "they wouldn't go after anyone with proof" or "didn't know him/her/them well, they kept themselves to themselves" and so on, into mistakenly believing the kitty litter we're fed as being the only truth, the total truth and so true that nothing else can ever be true that contradicts what we've been told; otherwi- beepbeepbeepbeep...


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Stools of wrath

The uk government's recently (couple of days ago) been accused of treating religions like a problem?

  • Pilgrim fathers
  • Catholics vs. protestants
  • Missionaries (destroying other people beliefs and ways of life)
  • Jihads
  • Crusades (for bits of parched land)
  • Dunking stools
  • Stonings
  • Cutting off of hands
  • Human sacrifices
  • Inquisitions (of which the current pope b has more in common with the fourth innocent pope than with one leg of the trinity)

Maybe the government should tag the belief in religions as a form of delusional insanity, which like drugs (ecstacy, prozac, ritilin, cocaine) help to keep people happy and wide swathes of populations contentedly subdued until they need to be roused to a wrath for the next cause.

And yes the "secular" (global grouping) side has had its fair share of over-exuberant proponents, but they tend not to keep hostilities going millenia in, millenia out.