Saturday, 13 December 2008


Why are people so shocked about the barclay brothers closing down and shipping out of sark?

Multi-billionaires, corporate giants, money machines have always attempted to subvert/bend/change governments to suit their ends.

The people of sark voted to keep their system of feudalism in place, for whatever reason they are happy with it or simply - after 400 years - just that little bit worried the prospect of potential change.

The brothers don't like it and have voted using the influence they have.  You could say they have elected to use their rights of expression. 

The co-operative don't invest in countries, companies  or regimes that goes against their ethical charter, should they be told they can't do that even though those millions might help people in poverty?  Aren't they expressing the rights of their members and beliefs?

Plenty of people complain about the lack of democracy in so many parts across the globe, yet right on the uks doorstep is an island which is only now taking faint faltering steps.  They made their choice to keep change at a minimum, and the brothers expressed their disappointment, perhaps it is just a case of nothing to see here.

But it's approaching that time of year, for feasting, dancing and song...


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