Thursday, 22 March 2012

Secret of the american economic success story

according to the track record of m.r.

In five easy steps ...
  1. Saddle the company you've swooped on with huge loans,
  2. Reduce workers remuneration & benefits,
  3. Raise prices and screw r&d - so no one wants to buy your products,
  4. Sack the workers,
  5. Bankrupt the company and run away with the money - all legally of course.
... now upscale to a whole country...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Days of sun

It's three degrees celsius, clouds are dissipating and i'm feeling rather unwell.  I know i'm feeling unwell, as there's a strange nimbus of happiness coursing through me. 

Luckily that usually presages the descent of some horrible calamity, so i'll wait a few hours, to see what it is - the apocalypse would be nice but can't have everything - if it's more happiness, i'll be even more upset.

Now, where's that 110 spf sun cream...