Sunday, 25 December 2011

Seasonal greetings, to one and all.

The milky way over devils towerAstronomy picture of the day 29 july 2009
Credit & copyright: wally pacholka

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Lessons in not trying to intimidate the little guy.

When a 17 year old schoolboy is caught up in a libel & defamation action by lawyers acting for a clinic apparently undertaking medical processes (and charging thousands in the process) and which after quite a number of years has yet to see the light of public trials, naturally my interest is piqued.

Have a read on the: burzynski and his lawyers vs. rhysmorgan (17 year old schoolboy) issue, on rhys' website.

Friday, 2 December 2011

A hearty sigh for nature

One thing which brings an etching of a smile to my clamped jaws, and an odd warming sensation somewhere just above my frosty left nipple, is watching nature.  Temporarily indisposed as i am, in a blade-runner lite environment and 18 walls; that heightens a warming sensation of shovelled emphasis, which would be ruined if i was physically there!

Thanks to dcm50 for the link
So the mini-emergency oh dear god we're truly in the crap now, budget is over.

If the last election had turned out slightly differently and the whose side are we on again party had kept the slightly blue-tinged set in, instead of allowing the blue-rinsed set to grab the shovel and dig deeper, would we be like greece or like the usa?  Hard to say, all depends on how the markets would have reacted, with the flight back to the dollar, and more pain on the way for many economies...  Popcorn time?  If i can find my seeds to plant any that is!

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Someone asked met the other day whether i was still doing my blog - obviously not a reader.

"Yes. Still plodding along, putting ragged fingernail to chipped 'board.  How about you?"

"Doing really good, even starting to get income from it."

"That's nice.  What's the secret of your success," i unerringly queried.

"Easy.  Just give people something that makes them feel good or makes them laugh, or informs or educates.   Some people will be more than happy to come back and be outraged - as long as you playfully tweak their nose."  Then he turned to me, "but you only do periodic partial outrage, without the cutting final thrust and twist.  You do a smorgasbord of utterances in a world where people increasingly want particularity!"

I pondered a bit before partially agreeing.  But even with data aggregation, there just isn't enough time to drill down, watch, opine on all the things i have a viewpoint on - strong or otherwise.  Luckily, it's that time of year again when the pictures have to do it all for me.