Monday, 15 December 2008

Trips through twilight thrice

The journey through twilight land takes on an ever stranger twist.  As the minority, who take drugs, are vilified by the majority (according to figures plucked randomly from news headlines), but taking drugs (which have unspecified/mixed results) for the new application of boosting intelligence, instead of been branded as frankensteinian, for unnatural tampering with the natural processes, are welcomed for the potential helpful boosts that they engender, in uni-tasking capability.

Will these pills be made available for the destitute poor in any country?  You can almost hear thought processes whirring away, they don't even have proper nutrition or access to decent water facilities what do they need the pills for, they'll just be even more acutely aware of their dire circumstances?

Basically good is bad, and bad is good.  Cognitive enhancer's good.  Euphoric enhancer's bad.  Although i'm sure if governments started taxing all drugs, the illicit variety would lose its rebel allure.   More people might start talking more openly; apart, perhaps, from those interested in over familiarity with sheep.  Those who still insist upon there use, would at least be able to pop down to their local pharmacy (for a fee) for the obligatory one minute purity & dna compatibility test, on provision of a properly stamped and vated receipt from the ministry of homeland happiness.  Not only that, but with the tax from smoking and oil diminishing, the money we'll all need in the following years of hardship will have to come from somewhere - instead of our children's futures.

But at the end of the day, even if there's only a 5% chance of boosting brain power, I would more than happily pop such pills.  Why?  It might give the remaining two brain cells a bit more company in this tumbleweed infested carapace, and i'd finally be able to remember the end of...



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