Wednesday, 3 December 2008

End of year thoughts, part II

Ah, with each passing month that old saying fact is stranger than fiction, just can't help intruding its big nose into the virtual world of effluent froth.


Only three  weeks to go before the elbow gouging, back stabbing, bunion crunching, present wailing time of year comes to its ultimate conclusion.  This year will be interesting, now that everyone - even those in numbers 10 & 11 - are aware that conurbations of people will avoid the annual round of spend and blubber

We may spend a bit more time thinking about what we (non-all-inclusive) can afford and what the presentee will be happy to receive, given the state of current financial straight-jackets.

If someone does decide to pop over offering buckets of mulled wine mixed with solace and kind words, you could just imagine them been greeted with a trebuchet full of warming pitch followed by sackful's of cards and a hearty clear off!

Sadly i digress.

End of year thoughts, will just have to wait until the end of the week and some poignant finishing touches.

In the meantime...


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