Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A break in the interregnum

Oh it's been a while, swivelling and inhaling can really have that effect on you.

Perhaps what the world really needs are the barking religious christian fundamentalists and the mad deranged muslim fundamentalists, and th- actually, just all the mad fundy's everywhere, to get together on a large island and duke it out. Last man standing style.

Of course, in reality that wouldn't work. Any winner having dominance for 20 or so years would require them to agree to give up their position and begin the race all over again.  As history (for the most part) disgorges, once mad fundies obtain pre-eminence the truly mad amongst them will gain dominance and do their uttermost to squash any divergence or dissent, whilst they themselves do whatever they wish in the quiet and privacy of their own locked room.  Naturally, if such a religious tussle did occur, leaving one man standing, the world might well be a far less hellish place for the many billions caught in their webs of spun nonsense.

Now before someone gets all bent out shape, if you carefully re-read -just in-case you initially failed to notice- there's a bit in the 2nd bit which goes "... all the mad fundy's everywhere...", if you thought I had forgotten to include secular fundamentalists too.

Now, if you'll excuse me.  It's time for me to continue fulminating... the olympics... local bus pollution... nfh... climate... quantum cyrptography... feral children (no, really)... the wonderful onrushing winter (for those of us in the northern hemisphere)... mitt romney president and the mayan end of the world prophecy?!