Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Batting for summers end

Typical, just when events outside these 18 walls start to pucker-up the ladder of interesting i'm hit with a case of the doldrums, a smudge of ennui and lack of focus.  It's not that i've observed a decrease in my rabbit-like browsing habits, simply that everything i'm browsing holds the interest of a stultifying mosquito resting on a patch of amber which is steadfastly hindering any breach through its barrier of excitement, regardless of the mosi's wish to be entombed.

The tragic thing is it's all downhill now, until mid-autumn arrives, when my sad (summer afflicted disorder) syndrome will be fixed by plummeting temperatures and dank grey days - climate change permitting.  Now if i'd planned properly (or even at all) i'd be spending these precious months either increasing my elevation or hot footing towards the 65th parallel (north or south) instead of shaking a vague finger towards some disinterested non-existent entity.

Sadly it's not as if i can rest in my wallowing for more than a few moments, the noise of the area (including  the lovely herd upstairs) consistently puts paid to that; otherwise who knows, maybe my rip van winkle impersonation might have consumed me in leaps and bounds by now, well maybe not leaps nor even bounds - that would be far too troublesome - but the allure of incipient hypersomnia increasingly takes on the air of a comfortable pair of well-loved slippers, in place of those long lost halcyon days of refreshing recuperative rejuvenative rest.  On the other hand i suppose this phase, alongside the other phase, could be nothing more serious than unresolved dyspeptic flatulence.

Right, time to keep these fingers clicking... sudan... russia... another oil blow-out... economy up... economy down... usa republicans aiming for the title: "barmiest ever"... with olive oil pouring from its gills greece should be slipping through the economic noose like a snake being squeezed through a very tight hole; painful, but ever possible.