Sunday, 30 November 2008

Spidy do

The spider plants (given as a gift), as well as enjoying an ambient temperature of 15-17 degrees celsius, also appear to be enjoying my bodily expulsions and have thus grown by leaps and bounds.

A flower, with four more waiting in the wings, has burst open.  Which has surprised me.  As the only bit of colour I thought i'd see this side of spring/summer 2009, would be my face turning blue on cold & frosty mornings.

But the main reason for the shrubbery, is to help combat the never-ending pollution.  After waking in the morning (once the plants have switched from carbonising to oxygenating), the smell of heavy auto fumes hangs thick in the air.  Once the curtain and room's open to the world however, the fug only momentarily lasts before been replaced by a healthier brew.  No wonder i'm feeling high, so often. Obviously continual diesel/petrol fume inhalation isn't good for any extended period of time, but it certainly does open up a whole new view of the world!

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