Sunday, 7 December 2008

Potty brain

When younger, I used to enjoy pottering (yes even during those tender formative years, I enjoyed a good potter), growing plants, drawing plans which involved building small dams and irrigation systems.  All in a patch no bigger than 4ft by 1.5ft.  But it kept me enthralled for months.

Now, many years later, with less space than that assigned a dinner-ready rabbits hutch, i've found the delights of having plants nearby makes for calmer, healthier and more relaxed living quarters. 

I almost feel that i'm returning to harmonious beginnings, a long trek back to the welcoming heaving bosoms of nature, even whilst living in the depths of capital disposability and pollution.

So what plants are currently co-habiting my cramped space, swapping my obnoxious gasses for healthier ones?

First off, that old proverbial favourite the spider plant.  Next, albizia julibrissin (mimosa) which initially  required a lot of care and attention, but now appear to have settled in and zoomed off, followed by bucket loads of umbrellas.  These plants seem capable of growing in anything, anytime, anywhere; as long as they're swimming in it - water.  Which is always handy if you call  a canal your home.  A small but happy three pronged dracaena marginata.  Last but not least, two new additions; a lovely little four year old ficus retusa microcarpa (bonsai tree) and a somewhat spindly but vibrating guzmania - which is having re-orienteering settling in issues.

So how infectious is this growing affliction?  Extremely severe, would be a nice all encompassing phrase.

I've rediscovered the fine pleasure to be gained from pottering around tending plants, so it does seem that i have finally joined the potty-brained brigade!

Now, for matters more pressing...


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