Monday, 27 February 2012


This is the 502nd rambling post of sorts, and i must admit to being surprised at popping stuff past single figures, let alone 500 of them.  Okay, if i remove all those posts that are just of pictures, videos, or one-liners, or some other criteria that might make a post somewhat paratactically meaningful - somewhere along the lines of "i will read this; god i wish i couldn't read, i believe my head might implode!" then i'm still in double figures - low double figures.  Nevertheless it's gone past the two hand stage, i haven't being sued, and there's still so much nonsense within and without that needs a good pricking.  I breath a somewhat hearty refrain of relief.

Unfortunately i made the rash decision a few months ago of looking through previous entries (ones earlier than 2011), to find to my horror that changing the  layout had skewed, and made painfully unreadable, some of the earlier posts of indeterminate length.

So all new non--suffering readers stumbling across this little corner of the interwebbingtubes, you've been saved a horrid experience.  I know i should go back and nicely re-align everything - whilst being relatively semi-cross at google - but i haven't yet reached the stage where i want to sit down and re-check hundreds of posts, over say, hunting for the ladybird i saw scuttling around on a window frame last week, or the caterpillar i saw clambering up a plug two days ago - despite it still being winter.

But as i get ready to hit another period of semi-hermitisation (after such a shoddy winter here), perhaps my mood will cheerfully rise; as in less than 10 months time and the end/change/something possibly happening event creeping up, or not, on to the world, i'll no longer need to fret about filling another 500.  

Monday, 20 February 2012

David cameron professes to  give scotlanders more power if they reject going independent.  

When did the david become the all-powerful-all-seeing-all-everything?  I say that as i presume (without devoting anything more than a quarter of my functional cell to the task) that if scotland do go their merry independent way, so not having to put up with the nonsense emanating from whitehall, their ability to have as much power as they can happily gorge on, regardless of what the silly southern sasanacs might say, will be more or less dependent on them.

It's like telling a child (this is an analogy so no comments), that if they don't vote to have the entire shop given to them, they might just (if we feel like it) give them one or two of the sweets.  But only if they keep the status quo.

Perhaps there's something really important i've missed whilst only skimming the headlines.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Periodic trumpet puritanicalness

This was going to be a long worded post of griping, whining and all things curmudgeonly pedantic. 

However serendipity decided otherwise, as the interwebbedtube thingy squirted stuff through the connection whilst watching a documentary on beebs iplayer about the dearth of out gay players in the uks football leagues.  One of the songs used in that documentary caught me in an unguarded moment, and caused a slight melt to occur in my icy carapace.

Rizzle kicks - down with the trumpets...