Friday, 22 May 2009

Blousey blues

Not sure why, but today's found me in foul humours, the sort where you could readily rip the head from some offending person, tear out their spine, drink their blood and throw away the lifeless skin bag without a care in the world. 

Yes, not a good start to the morning!

Probably brought on by having my sleep half broken by remonstrating people.

After having a black coffee - no cigs, and then hearing a pimped up noise mobile screeching along and past the window, my thoughts turned to wondering whether double civic-loyalty points for lobbing a grenade through their open window, or laser/saser/tasering their brains out just before the car explodes or wondering just how far it would need to plummet before the sudden deceleration forced the stuff the law none seat-belt wearer to explode through the - hopefully, reinforced window screen; would ever be given!

Yes a very bad morning.

Started then stopped listening to the news, as a momentary chink in the event horizon of savagery dared flicker across my seething consciousness.  Oh yes, for a few brief moments i felt at one with major kong.

But as i noticed plants that needed watering, a red haze lifted, and all was once more well with the world.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Never had it so bad

For the rich and the vast majority of wee poor, food - of what ever standard, is available without the onerous need to till the land, or travel to to far,  avoiding starvation able to fill ones belly.

We can travel, we can obtain medicine, even the generic basics to keep everything going - either paying or free at the point of need.

We're generally un-harassed regardless of our viewpoints, unless we point, jab and spit in our opponents eye, and despite the uk been the most surveillanced country in the world.

So pig snufflers have been caught.  Which one of us over the many years have truly believed that particular nest of vipers didn't contain any?  If the media were to begin considering what other public bodies or private companies (especially the heads of), get up to with their bonus', expenses, jaunts and yachts, they'd be printing expense details from now until the end of time.

With so many of the old snuffling guard not standing at the next election, there'll be a heck of a lot of new unknowns, whose agendas, affiliations and secret children won't really get the fully drilled tabloid treatment many of them might deserve; indeed many will slip through into battlefield ranks unskinned.  With a high probability landslide around the corner, I wonder what other freedoms we'll suddenly have to start fighting for all over again.

A perfect country?  No, far from it. But compared to quite a few others around the globe, it really aint to bad.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Eat thyself future boy

My initial thoughts upon seeing the super-soldier of the future (2030) skirted the flippant nonsensical - bit like this particular post, to wondering why they were wasting so much money, time and unnecessary duplication; when a flash of perspiration dribbled down my chin.

Images and photo courtesy of newscientist  usarmy although for some strange reason the photo image from the usarmy only popped up after been accessed via google, and not direct - so had to do a bit of shopping... eek!


Someone had solved all those particular problems (if in a slightly less hi-tech way) thousands of years ago. Just point a stick and say your cause is just and true.  Voilà! Before you know it a crusade or jihad.  Problem solved. Instant, thoughtless (apart from what you tell them to think), fighting machines.

Doped up - so as not to think.  Shocked - to know when to think. But they forgot to include the micro-bacterial food implants which would provide months of nourishment at a time.  The little critters will be taking all the energy they'd need from available light, the soldiers recyclables (yes in keeping with the tone of a previous post, what i meant to say is; shit, piss) and moisture from the air. 

Oh yes, nothing nicer than nourishing yourself.

Perhaps it's me but i'm thinking, just change the colour slightly...   and...


its a starship trooper.

Tale of two stories

So here are two different takes on the same breaking story, from two organisations that are not really known for their barking at the moon mentality! 

The guardian


The bbc


And the paper that's been breaking on the trough snufflers over the past few days?

The telegraph


So as with all things that fly across the; ether, net, air, papyrus or other, not only needs a pinch of salt, but very own personal quarry.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tits above

Warning! Content contains rude words - eek!

I've never really understood why it's fine to watch dismemberment, or send people abroad in our name to die, or allow the continued construction and research into ever more horrific weapons; yet we get all up-tight when it comes down to sex or bodily functions? 

What a fucked up, twisted around, arse above tit global society we've become.

I mean, when people pick their nose they say they're picking their nose, and not excuse me whilst i re-align my mucous membranes; although the way things are going, even that might be taken the wrong way.

Instead of saying i've just had a colon cleanse, what's wrong with saying i've just had my arse cleaned!  Obviously something financial institutions and political parties forgot to include in their respective recruitment clauses.

How big do your nuts grow?

Yes summers ongoing march is slowly fritzing the last few cells of responsibility and it's nearly time to get ready for those paunches over belts, wobbly knees and smelly public transport links that makes you wish for the return of nosegays.

But in the meantime the nuts i'd planted, that finally poked their heads above soil and looked like...

From small nuts ... at the start of april.

Now, nearing the end of may, all seven are still growing and are looking more like ...


... and I think six will soon be in need of new homes.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Now we wait

The LTTE have been defeated.

How will the Tamil minority now be treated? 

If the Sri Lankan majority treat them with respect - despite the past two decades war and numerous horrors, they will as a people have taken a major step forward. 


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Online tents

Good to see that the empire is getting its thoughts around to making a few more millions.

So we have a paper - let's say the Times, about 70 pages with 50 pages of adverts, cost 85p?  So average article's about 1/3 a page so that'll give us a grand total per article of £0.01p per article.

At a cost of a penny per article, I might just be tempted to pop down to my local library and read it there, if i must. But i'm sure there'll be countries around the world more than happy to provide a feed.  Either that or some smart alec will twitter the best bits.

And like tents in a gale, there goes another one...

Friday, 8 May 2009

A paucity of pygmies

The government's been more than happy to bail out banks to the tune of $2.26*tn, yet they have thousands of people on the streets who are homeless.

Imagine if they took 1 percent of that whopping £1.5tn.  They could, at let's say £80k per new built flat (bit more expensive for a house), build at least 187,000 new flats. 

But that would hit the housing market, and people would lose money they've sunk into treating housing as just another commodity.  But there'd be no homelessness!  Everyone, or at least nearly everyone in the country, would finally have a roof over their heads.  It'd be cheaper than constantly having soul destroying meeting after soul destroying meeting carping on that there's just not enough housing, what are we to do. 

Who know's whole new towns with new infrastructure, new jobs (the new tech's) could be created, and with the mistakes learned from the disasters of the past, perhaps they could be avoided this time around.

Imagine 187,000 new flats, with the fastest easily upgraded broadband service, excellent public transport links, excellent community facilities, excellent green spaces, the latest environmentally efficient technologies, recycling, solar heating, solar powering, if done properly these could be feeding electricity back into the grind, and for how the old pollution ridden cities could be.

But as vision is the one thing seemingly lacking in today's uk, it'll probably only happen when things really freeze over.

Oh yes, how much would 187k homes contribute towards council tax payments alone per year?  £172mn.

* $/£ rate of 1.5069 as at 13:15 8th May 2009

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Last nights glorious sunset just had to be snapped.  And like Douglas Adams' fabulous sheep, every sunset's a new day.


Friday, 1 May 2009


No, nothing to do with spare pork ribs, fried avian wings or bbq'd legs.  But, there is a lovely picture of bubbling beans.

Horse chesty seedlets, 30th April 2009


Bubbling beans


An extra, stray