Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tesco and the sausage factory

With venice sinking, cholera & anthrax rates practically doubling by the hour in sinkbabwe, parents running over each other to disregard the disregard mmr messages and have their children finally vaccinated against mmr, uproar over the police invading parliamentary privilege; i have a serious complaint about the fresh(?) cooked counter at tesco's!

In the past tesco was a favourite haunt.  A regular fix that ended once i parted with hundreds of pounds per month.  Even had home delivery's (admittedly they only managed 85% accuracy), until it became laborious, a pain and then a chore i could live without.

That aside, now and then I enjoy popping into the local store, as they're still the only place within an easy stroll which does a wonderful cooked sausage - and yes i know the rubbish and conditions that goes in to the making of them, but when breakfast has comprised of porridge made with water and honey (to cut cholesterol levels), the only thing my stomach and brain agreed on come shopping time, is that great big, curving, succulently juicy, calling my name - with a hint of spices about it - cumberland sausage!

One crafty sleight of hand carried out and which springs to mind in regard to tesco (which is why we should always keep receipts for moments like this), is the cooked foot and half long curvy cumberland sausages used to be 89p.  Now tescos have done away with those and plumped instead for a straight spicy sausage which is half the size of the previous monster, for - you've guessed it - 89p.

But on this particular occasion I popped in and made a bee-line for the counter (as that was the only thing I was going to buy) only to see a fellow customer there, not quite in an overjoyed frame.  After nearly a minute of  nothing happening or seeing any movement behind the counter, I asked him if he'd been served.  He said he'd been waiting there for ten minutes and hadn't been served yet. Okay, thought I, 10 minutes waiting...  Seeing a customer assistant to the right of me packing the shelves, i called him over and asked if there was anyone serving.  He said quite jocularly that as much as he would like to serve, he hadn't been trained in "not burning himself", with a wry smile, but he'd go to find someone.  And off he went.

By this time a fair little queue had built up, with people comparing the popping into tesco's experience as more akin to having teeth pulled and preferences been made for asda, as been far cheaper; lidl, for being a good bargain, and the odd trip to marks and spencers just to ensure there's still life kicking in those bargain basement corpses.

The upshot, the first customer had been standing there for nigh on 15 minutes, as the customer servicing agent that should have been there, was no-where to be seen.  The person who had 'temporarily' taken over didn't know where she was, and looked as if she really didn't want to be there anyway as no doubt an important mobile call was been missed.

The beginning of the end of tesco?  Lax, management?  Doubtful and they have enough clout to lop off the top heavy prices to become cheap enough so no-one'll care.  But there were five unhappy people at the counter, I wonder how many people they've spoken to, communicating miffed disgust?

That aside, how many days...?  Oh yes, 21.


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