Thursday, 30 June 2011


It was time to take an incredulous look at the statistics to see which ones resonated amongst the dear readership of this boat, along with the top 10 country breakdown of regular and ad-hoc visitors; i'm truly agog at the number who find such navel gazing slightly more interesting than watching paint dry - i love watching paint dry, it's a very under rated past-time.

Without further waffle, the most popular semi-rants (in order) are:
Semi-rant %
HFO services and unprofessional ethics 37.9
Visiting pontiffs 20.7
Strike 1 – census office 15.5
Breadless 8.6
Lazy work-shy layabout wastrel 4.7
Surviving an asteroid strike 3.0
Nothing ever changes 2.6
Financial daubing 2.6
Urk 2.2
4 something lighter 2.2

and the top ten country visitors:

Country %
United States 66.9
United Kingdom 23.9
Germany 3.8
Iran 2.7
Denmark 0.7
India 0.7
Canada 0.3
Netherlands 0.3
Russia 0.3
Taiwan 0.3

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nanotechnology pushes battery life to eternity

Nanotechnology pushes battery life to eternity

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Epert pod

A brief 40 second sound podburst about e-perts.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The stash

I made mention of falling off the smoking wagon, due to courses, a weak will and environmental leverage a couple of months ago.

The following picture is a snapshot of how far i fell off the wagon, before realising the rapid greying of the already grey dermis was a sign that those happier smoking days, are well and truly behind me; in a puff of slightly toxic fumes.

counting the fall from the wagon.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Surely not a spam-scam?

I awoke yesterday morning to discover i was the rather surprised winner of winning ticket number 00869575733664, with the lucky numbers 12-12-23-35-40-41 (12) - which would indeed be an interesting draw, if any number drawn could then be used over and over again; forget the 1 in a 116,531,800 approximate chance of winning the euromillions jackpot, this would make it more 1 in a: not this, or the next, or the next, but the end of the next universe's time-line chance of winning the big one kind of odds.

[Warning, bubble expansion detected!]

Bizarrely on this occasion, i won!

How remarkable is that?  Having a lucky ticket i never purchased or possessed, with numbers i never entered, in a lottery with no name, that simply turns up trumps!


Oh, there goes a unicorn by the window, giving me a wink and a nod - how sweet.

My ardour at wondering what to do with this newly found virtual wealth was somewhat deflated, when i found out the ticket number had been in circulation since the 1st of March this year.  Not only the same ticket number, but the same lucky numbers too.  One thing which has changed however is bernard graham's email, which appears to have gone through more permutations than any of the winning numbers or tickets purportedly waiting to dump on some poor unlucky soul.  The appearance of an interloper (in the form of a ms peterson) is perhaps an indication that mr graham's success rate at reeling in recalcitrant winners is less than stellar, and so a new tak's been attempted..

Don't forget and let me re-iterate; without me having to lift a finger, press a digit, do anything, but  simply exist and be the proud owner of an email address, some spam-bot has informed me i am richer to the grand sum of £500,000.  Of course that's on top of the $950 mn i won from bp oil, the $200 mn from volvo, the lower-body extension that would make pan blush until the end of time, and all those other emails saying how wonderfully lucky i really am, "just press that reply button" or click that link for "riches beyond your dreams."

Now in case you're wondering about any of the above, i hope the inclusion of the unicorn gave the whole game away and removed the cranial-occlussion you may have harboured as to the authenticity of these large, out of the blue, and utterly non-existent imaginary lump sums.  Without proper sand-boxing, and other measure, clicking will only win you a trojan(s), a worm(s), virus('s) or other infection on your computer, soon followed by the sad emptying of your account - if you do online banking, use credit or debit cards that is.

So if anything looks like the following (with or withou glaring errors and mistakes) for fends sake don't click or follow.  Just report as spam and delete.

Monday, 6 June 2011


Which set of moral values will those born 100 years from now subscribe to, and will we be looked on as  nothing more than dinosaurs?

Friday, 3 June 2011

First World

Now and then, som- actually this is a science fiction premise which just smacks of huge, if you haven't watched or seen, then have a look and wonder why it shouldn't be turned into a full-featured film or series.

It is called first world by mark lund.  A 20 minute fictional (sci-fi) surprising treatise  about what was discovered on the moon during the apollo missions (before the transformers got there or perhaps that's a nod to) and has been winning prizes over the globe over the past few years.

FIRST WORLD - New Official Trailer

FIRST WORLD | Myspace Video

Reminds me of waiting for a decent adaptation of lord of the rings, which thanks to all of those involved in the film trilogy, has been happily sated.

Interesting politics

Many would conscribe to the lot of politicians the title scoundrel; that paints a wide unforgiving brush, as peoples perceptions not only encompass the scoundrels but those who sincerely wish the best for their constituents - a seemingly vanishing breed!

But over the past few phasing years - whilst turning into a hermit living in one of the most populated parts of the uk - my curiosity has perked over the goings on that occur in: the usa, australia, the eu, china, russia, the galapogos, places from the arctic to the sheering wilkins ice-sheet off the antartic.  Indeed any other location around the globe except for here, in the stoloniferous, dull, hide-bound and dessicated dust-bowl of a legislature, that goes by the long-lapsed title of mother of all parliaments.  Where voting for any leg of the milkmaids stool,  dumps on you the same lap-full quantity of effluent.

I digress.

There appears to be a growing tide of do what i tell you to do as opposed to do what you want to do, as long as it doesn't harm anyone, or, do what we tell you to do - as that's the law, creeping back into the centre of things.  Always a bad sign. As it tends to be souls aiming to expunge their own lack of fortitude in those particular departments, or those who hear the voices telling them to expunge - usually with malice - those who fail to expediently expunge such badness from their horrid torrid existence, who are most ardent in ensuring the rigorous instalment of proscribing strictures.

With nearly 7bn people living on the crust, many of whom have that horrible propensity to think independently how, under any current models, will every digit of those billions actually have a workable say in anything that goes on?

They can't and they don't.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Are you a tosser?

In this day and age of technologically augmented souls racing ahead, leaving those with a wary eye wondering what to do with a blockerbook and how to stop a wittering tool; a new-old acronym is starting to bubble upwards, periodically breaking the surface of newly-termed acceptance.

Welcome to the rise of the tosser!

They used to be called the nerdy geek.  The bespectacled socially lacking in graces kid, who preferred sitting in front of a computer screen in the hopes of bringing the world to the brink of armageddon, or at the very least cracking into something juicy in preference of smooching down and out.

Over time, many grew and transformed their pet projects into multi-million plus making organisations, further enabling their nerdy geek-cred. allowing for happy wallowing in all things sci-fi; despite the daft sy-fy channel having a problem understanding what the term science fiction actually means or stands for by cancelling sci-fi shows by the bucket-load instead of undertaking serious attempts to getting them established.  You'd be left curious as to why sy-fy simply don't drop the pseudo term 'sy' - with the remainder adequately describing how many sci-fier minds feel is their current marketing approach to the genre.

However, the pervasive inclusion of technology in everyday items is remarkable.  As even our toasters now have more computing power than zx spectrums, and as for everyday computers, the only requirement to making heaps of wallowing stuff is some talent and good timing.

So why tosser?

Simple, a new breed is on the march!

Technological orientated sci-specific enlightened realists.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cliff jumping

"Why are you going to jump off the cliff?"
"I've been told to by the fair and balanced."
"Told to jump off the cliff?"
"Yes.  They said that if all true supporters jumped off a cliff, that we'll get what we deserve!"