Friday, 12 December 2008

Pie at 6 o'clock... no, 2 o'clock... is it a pie? ...

... and there you have it, as good as a stodgy politician lumping around in sheep's clothing.

After three bites and meeting nothing but pastry - in this alleged meat pie.  I decided to keep the rest.  Take it home, and place it under closer scrutiny in a soup bowl.  Just to give it some depth.

But, as can be seen from the opposite of an already munched side, a reasonable amount had been gobbled without meeting any form of resistance, whether in juices, tantalising flavour let alone anything resembling tenderised meat.  Nothing but the same flabby bits of over sogged pastry. 

So here are pictures (quick sequence) of the pie, and the heaped teaspoon of filling that obviously went into it, followed by acres and acres of more lamentable pastry.  Meat pie?  More like "nasty pie surprise!"

DSCF1957 DSCF1959 DSCF1961 DSCF1962

Sadly it turned out to be a proverbial oh why did i bother.  And will teach me to pack a small horse of apples to munch on, and not to munch on anything whilst travelling through a strange part of town.  However tempting it might first appear - unless it happens to be first recommended by a local!

For those wishing not to indulge at this particular eatery or for those masochistic enough for an experience, it can be found here:

On a totally different and unrelated matter, is there a law against idiots driving through built up areas with exhausts rivaling blasting off shuttles?  I thought that sort of nonsense went out with the eighties?  If not shouldn't residents be given the right to buy rpg's or bazookas - for some peace and quiet?

What was that...?  There's a world outside?



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