Monday, 8 December 2008

End of year thoughts - part II (the continuation - somewhat)

End of year thoughts should really encompass more than the worst or the best of what's happened, even if they're all the majority can remember - or those out there with a similar piss-poor memory.

The following few musings have drifted up through bubbling randomness, which needs to be given a waft of some type of freshening air; either that or it simply had me outraged, hawking up, and legless in stitches.


Advertisement: in my opinion is toshiba's upscaling (when over to their site click on the tv on the box, then the view ad tab on the top banner, and after a second of them showing off the flash effects it will start) advert, that's tickled all my bones and kept me going back for more feasting eye-fulls. 60 seconds of well-spent viewing. But i suppose after losing out in the hd wars, they had to come up with something redemptive, the advert mind, not sure about the upscaling nonsense.

Brief piece of music used in an advert: again toshiba's upscaling one does it for me, but honourable mention to the spot samsung f480 (yes that was the phones model number) at the time of the beijing olympics.

Movie trailer: the day the earth stood still, the trailer; did i mention anything about acting?

News: that bastion of capitalism (that's kept us all fed and safe for decades) has gone belly up, and had to have its carcass dragged out of the flood waters by the nasty liberal/socialist scum who hold such values as human rights, equality, fraternity in high regard. Brrrrrr!

Game: eve-online - naturally i'm biased.

Amateur spin off video of a game (or machinima to give it its correct title): must surely go to clear skies, from john rourke and gang. The full 450mb download is available from here, or a 26mb trailer here. Or go to the eve-online site and see what the hard-core nutters - sorry - fellow gamers, have been saying about it.

Anti-hate speech: to keith olbermann.

A brief glimpse in seven categories that have caught my vibrating eyes & ears this year. And the worst is yet to come!

Forgot about what? The uk government losing half its citizens data? Luckily that was last year. But this year, isn't quite yet finished. After the feasting there'll be plenty of time...


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