Saturday, 22 November 2008

Aarggghhhh for shoddy rubbish

The benefits of keeping a receipt - regardless of the time frame - finally showed its worth today.

A while ago - well at the start of the year.  A lovely swivel chair with ample padding, was purchased from Argos (what do you mean serves me right!), and promptly put together with nary a problem until the past week.  

I don't jump on, bang shut, slam down, wrench open, kick, thump or slap any of my belongings whether they're working or not; i tend to find they work far better and usually for longer, that way.  So when the chair started to wobble, I just thought it was the carpet giving me grief, or my centre of gravity changing and i was now seriously one cheek heavier than the other!

But all that was folded away and put back into their boxes, as (see pictures attached), the top part of the chair, fell back and off to the side - luckily carrying me with it.  The bottom portion which contained the upright, now had a very sharp jagged circular remnant from the base of the top - which would by the look and feel have cut and sliced a substantial portion of whatever bit of me it would have caught; with hospitalisation soon after if i'd survived to make that call.

So after making a call to argos, and been very surprised when the representative said, "take it back with the receipt to any argos for a replacement."  But then, saying that would be far quicker than a law-suit.

chairbust1  chairbust2  chairbust3

Before that grievous attempt on my good person, I was in the process of observing natures interplay.


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