Monday, 3 November 2008

Let rip the slavering dogs of presidential war

And no, the heading is not a swiping reference to any of the candidates over the pond.  It is just briefly touching upon the negativity and bile, which although not reported in many of the national pages are, with a bit of digging merrily bubbling away within some parts of the american zeitgeist.  Somewhat reminiscent of the victorians yes we know it's shit but do we have to talk about it, attitude.

Reading, watching, listening to the election of the next us president; events that have many (still waiting for the statistics on that one), people around the globe intently firing off their salvos on viewed proceedings.  From the downright misanthropic racist to the non-apologist humanitarian.

So i'm now setting the clock and counting down.  Because regardless of what transpires this will be (to borrow a phrase) a once in a generation, memorable presidential election.

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