Sunday, 30 November 2008

The annual london tube fare rush

Seems a bit churlish mozzing on about the tube been like death and taxes, when people are been slaughtered, starving, raped and pillaged around the world.

But there it is.  My contribution to the stilted nonsense, furrowing through layers of mist.

Back onto the tube.  Shouldn't next years increase be in the travellers favour, sort of falling in line with inflation?  With january bringing the annual increase, it's fun to have a quick look back to a time before.  In this case january 1995 - or two years before the witch project began.  An ordinary 7 day, zones 1&2 travelcard, would have set you back a whopping £13.80p


In january 2009, the weekly travelcard will set customers back £25.80 and i'm sure, if memory serves correct, the zones are now smaller.  lt certainly loves their four-fifths of a pound, which considering how much everything else has shot up (although heading back down again); isn't to bad.  If you're disabled, under 16 or on a new deal, then (after stripping out inflation) it's cheaper to travel using public transport, today than in the last few heady days of the last discredited conservative party.  Oh how times feel eerily reminiscent, even if wafting different stripes.

And in a world of disasters, crimble catastrophes clingingly clamber...


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