Thursday, 13 November 2008

Up with the barricades

A gay couple caressing on a music video that'll be viewable by anybody?  Up with the barricades.  The revolting scene is in the boyzone's 'better' video, these particular clinchers can be viewed here and occur at the following times in the aforementioned linked clip:

  1. 57 seconds
  2. 1 min. 43 secs.,
  3. 2 mins. 32 secs.,
  4. 2 mins. 48 secs.,
  5. 3 mins. 20 sexs.

Far better to bring back the cat-o-nine tails followed by a damned good birching.

Now, onto other parts.  The upstanding stalwarts of doctrine, almighty peace and love in afghanistan are at it again.  Keeping up the good fight by instilling fear into the heathen orientated backsliders by descending on the really good idea of squirting acid into female children's faces.  Children of parents who have dared send their offspring  to schools (single sexed mind) and who dare to remotely dream of them obtaining an education which might improve their, and eventually the country's, situation.  The cheek of it.  Far better those little ones watch their mothers in the kitchen and spend the time getting used to walking six feet behind, doing their duties five times a day and getting ready for the paradise hereafter where they can get down to the proper business of servicing the men folk, as proper virgins should.

Giving people an education indeed!  Next they'll want a shower once a week and use deodorant whilst harping on wanting you to decide whether they should buy frozen twizzlers from a cabinet or a punnet of strawberries and cream.

Do we really want people to think for themselves, and worse yet, have any say in what goes on. Absolute nonsense!

At least the russian premier has the right ideas, bring back fear, loathing and suspicion.  No need to step forward and grasp onto a new hope, after all hope's only there to be used for target practice.  More tanks, more planes, more military, divide the world into even more blocks, you know it'll be more profitable in the long run.

And it's so good seeing the religious heads finally getting it together.  This internet and free flow of information's been a total bind.  If they can only push the really progressive stuff - purges, flailing's, inquisitions, jihads - into the background for a while, they'd be able to divide up the infidels; with those who protest to much been put to the sword, or burnt alive if accused of been a witch or warlock (good to see a few parts of africa and asia still have the right idea), and their belongings gathered up for the benefit of the remainder, or given to the person in charge of moral righteousness.  Once the world's been nicely divided up, we can get down to the real nitty gritty of seeing which deity's top dog, by going at each other hammer and tongs!

In a universe, far far away...  Silly me, i forget we already are.

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