Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pixie dust

Woke up this morning, pulled aside the curtains; and blinked.

Was that?

Could it be?

Yes! A sprinkling of snow was littering the rooftop of cars, sticking stubbornly to tables.  So i quickly whipped it out.  Took a few snaps,  before the white stuff melted.  As this is the second month in a row we've had snow in london; i don't remember (will have to look up or be told) the last time that's occurred - at this time of year.  Hopefully then, come xmas time, it'll be the third and a snowy xmas scene for one and all.

However, if that is the way things are going, stock up!  Start buying those cheap tins of corned beef, snow shoes or snowboards, small camping gas bottles...  Because if it's a heavy snow fall over the xmas season in the  capital, you know everything will simply grind to a halt - for days.


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