Tuesday, 25 November 2008

2.5% and a vat to nowhere

I've always wondered what it would be like to be up a creek without a paddle, or a boat. Now i know.


"Let's cut 2.5% off vat and people will be doing cartwheels in the streets with joy, they'll be overjoyed," darling said turning to gordan in triumph. "Won't they?"

Gordon could see the euro signs tumbling down from mammon heaven. As by time he'd finished the economy would be in its own 6x2, and he'd be on the world circuit; bypassing flighty arse in the earnings league.  Oh yes, he could see it all.

The top working 1% will be hit with a new tax rate of 45% - if Labour wins the next election.  So this whole exercise will be heading straight into the ground.  As cameron and co. will be in power and trimming the fat, sinews, bone, and soul from everything not helpful to the swings and roundabout nation.

On the other end of the political spectrum, 1% of people will be clapping their hands in glee but wondering why a 70% tax hike wasn't imposed instead.

So after the hoopla, the nonsense been talked up over a weekend.  How does this wonderful gb giveaway affect me and those around me?

Those small business owners i know, are battening down hatches, a drop in vat of 2.5% will be kept and not passed onto consumers. 

Since many basic food items are zero rated, gas and electricity not applicable, most people who use their stores won't benefit anyway - whilst the poorest of the poor, will still  be left wondering when a party will come to power that will actually be of benefit to them. 

With unemployment following the lemming led plunge of the economy, they are now ever farther away from reaching that nirvanic goal of gainful employment.

And once more, the only westminsterarian talking sense is vince cable. Perhaps he should do a stint on strictly come dancing, before been elected president!

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