Thursday, 27 November 2008

A tree is for life and not just for christmas

Each year the closing in of the days, are accompanied by scudding clouds wistfully skipping across grey distant horizons.  Tucked away, fast out of sight, a festive enclave waits in readiness.  Waits for the return of the christmas king - and his merry band of pixies.  Ready to watch in awe, the revered art of tree making.

Yes the lights are on, and it's a full throttle countdown.  Bugger the cost, its celebration time.

So without further ado, p'shop touch up jobs, or any fanfare. 

We proudly present, christmas 2008!

PICT2155 PICT2153 PICT2159
pictures © 2008 and courtesy of apa.

And now embodying christmas present...


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