Friday, 1 July 2011

The I.D.S idleness

So there are far too many migrants popping into the country, working harder, longer, with a better education, and with a get up and go kind of spirit; which doesn't refute the oft shrill cry of 'they're only migrant benefit cheats', there's just usually more to a story than one, or even two, strands.

British firms should give jobs to british workers, mainly the young mind as those who have passed their twelfth birthday are probably already set in the 'workshy, layabout, where's my benefit' mould; if we believe everything emanating from the mouth of ids and alienphobic shrills.

A nonsense all of it.  Many manufacturing jobs went overseas because companies found they could happily manufacture products overseas far more cheaply (due to lower wages) and have the resultant stuff shipped back and still make a profit.  As the education system in those outsourcing countries has improved and more of their citizens are able to send their own off-spring to ivy-league universities elsewhere, then home-grown businesses are starting to do what 'western' companies did, but actually employ their own home-grown workforce, at least for a while.

Increasingly 'westerner' middle-classer's (many who happily voted for sid and the resultant selling off of the family, gold, silver and half-cracked ceramic eggcup), are starting to find their livelihoods and possibly the livelihoods of their wee ones threatened, and feel somewhat aggrieved.

Too late.  That boat has sailed to far eastern shores, and only the resultant fall in uk living standards, and brining property prices back to sensible levels, will provide an improvement and reduction in stress levels.  Else the dog-eat-doggedness will continue its slippery slide until we're all bemusedly circling around, wondering when it all went so comically wrong.

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