Tuesday, 5 July 2011

philip davies and the walker of nastiness?

I knew there was something i'd forgotten which had slipped past my 'dar; namely the conservative mp philip davies, who opined that disabled people should offer themselves for work at below the uks minimum wage - no doubt thinking they should be grateful anyone would ever wish to employ them, let alone look at them, as they go about their business and "don't forget to doff your forelocks" as you're scuttling into work of a morning before your much better offs.

Would using the term horridly odious be classed as to extreme in this case? Strange that the horrid part feels like a mirror. However, perhaps by that extension he should also suggest that they work for longer, and be grateful for the bowl of gruel at the end of the day without ever expecting a pension!

I'm not sure if it's just my perception but there seems to be a growing band [of dunderheads?] who appear to have lost the ability to either empathise or even remotely wish to understand the lives of others before opening their mouths. Subject after subject trots by where it seems the "i'm okay, tough tits to you" brigade are not just okay with hanging out their fellow citizens for the grinder, but sadistically happy to throw them in the machine.

Remember, that it's more than only hard work that makes wonderful cushy positions cushy. Just think of all those other bodies that have had to be walked over (knowingly or not) to get there. It could be you, it could be me. In a few years time, millions of graduates from all across the world will be looking for an ever diminishing (relatively) number of jobs. Technology will increase to a level where quantum computing will be literally around the corner.  Memory 100 times better than the current crop of flash memory will be in everyday use, even devices with fully functional ai's - however rudimentary.

When our mobile devices reach the stage of having the intelligence of a dog, and the new moulding graphene based technologies become embed into everything, how long before the most advanced of our wonderful cushies are easily surpassed by a rarely weary ai?

Not that i'm one of those railing against such an event, it should be a good thing, bar the usual scenarios of mad ai overlord taking control and ridding the planet of the human pest. Which might be a tragedy, on some level, but perhaps not if the majority are going to have happily aired ideas like philip davies, who of course has a right to say so. How else can the ebb and flow of discussions and growth continue if we all had the same ideas. Unless, of course, philip davies has obviously discovered that the perfect way to nirvana, is to have a huge impoverished sub-class, with the remaining 1-2% living the life, health and wealth of emperors - naturally those who lived to a ripe old age; and not the ones poisoned, stabbed in the back, or hurled off rocks to their deaths below.

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