Thursday, 30 June 2011


It was time to take an incredulous look at the statistics to see which ones resonated amongst the dear readership of this boat, along with the top 10 country breakdown of regular and ad-hoc visitors; i'm truly agog at the number who find such navel gazing slightly more interesting than watching paint dry - i love watching paint dry, it's a very under rated past-time.

Without further waffle, the most popular semi-rants (in order) are:
Semi-rant %
HFO services and unprofessional ethics 37.9
Visiting pontiffs 20.7
Strike 1 – census office 15.5
Breadless 8.6
Lazy work-shy layabout wastrel 4.7
Surviving an asteroid strike 3.0
Nothing ever changes 2.6
Financial daubing 2.6
Urk 2.2
4 something lighter 2.2

and the top ten country visitors:

Country %
United States 66.9
United Kingdom 23.9
Germany 3.8
Iran 2.7
Denmark 0.7
India 0.7
Canada 0.3
Netherlands 0.3
Russia 0.3
Taiwan 0.3

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