Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tfl and inability to manage

If tfl were truly serious in tackling pollution, rather than just coveting photo ops and nice sounding press releases, residents living in the vicinity of stands would not be up in arms over drivers failing to switch off their stationary vehicle’s engine – which they allow to tick-over anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, 20+ hours a day, everyday apart from christmas.

When (in this area alone) there are over 800 bus terminations per day, that’s not only a serious health issue tfl seem happy ignoring (despite it being brought to their attention), but means the area is swamped in a blanket of air pollution from buses with their engines running.

Tfl could make a start by implementing their own regulations in regard to this and save a whopping great amount on their fuel costs, whilst not attempting to kill their ‘neighbours’ by showing their wonderful neighbourliness. 

Failing that, they could employ drivers who are environmentally friendly and capable of finding the off switch; and perhaps this maybe facilitated by newly introduced stock, which when combined with improved driver performance, might actually make a dent in tfl's bus fleet emissions! 

Yes, and i believe in santa claws.

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