Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Soggy rates

A momentary upward glance from a fascinating growth on the left hand side of my navel, had me catch a quickly scrolling item about the surprising fall in the uk's inflation rate, which dropped by a whopping 0.3% to 4.2%.


With interest rates at a record low (so savers are stuffed), banks not lending except to those wonderful few who are managing to obtain mortgages, by been eminently sensible and so capable of affording the 25-99% deposits now required, or if they're a business and want a midge more plumping of the cashflow pillow, passing over the business and the promise of their next born, as security. Don't take me verbatim on that last point, there is an outside possibility i could be wrong.

However, the next time you wonder why you're paying so much, for food, or energy, or one of the many myriad of things the none uber-wealthy don't really need but want as they assist in day to day living, and you happen to catch the pious rubbish spouting from the lips of the never-lying, just remember that it really doesn't have to be this way; it's just that greedy so-and-so's (or groups of) have decided that's the current direction we're all heading towards come poverty or high water.

Otherwise known as supply and demand, the market, or the jungle. No scrub the jungle, that's heartily unfair on the anima- must dash, i'm sure something just waved.

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