Sunday, 3 July 2011

Rambling stint

I'm hoping against hope (and past experience) that my little long stint in purgatory will soon come to an end. Despite those believing my use of religious terminology is odd, sometimes it's the only workable method until succinct remembrance bubbles up with alternatives.

Ending one's stint naturally involves ground work, research and prolonged visits to an area. However, if I view somewhere that looks whiter than white but turns out to be a cross between the twilight zone, stepford wives, hammer house of horror and shameless; i hope the past few years will have stood me in good stead, enabling good sense and fortitude to rise to the fore and start pumping these legs into running away, whilst alternately having me screaming and bursting out into bouts of gibbering laughter.

The plodding nature of this piece can be firmly placed on the pedestal of forgetfulness, barely able as i am to accurately remember the word(s) i'm reaching for, when i need them at any precise time. This entails bashing away padding stuff out, then re-reading and rewriting dozens of times before whatever i'm rambling on about passes for something intelligible and not simply the actions of a cat jumping all over a keyboard. A lesson long learned when initial attempts at posting straight from the hip left a mangled mess of unintelligible nonsense, that even i had problems making sense of.

Alcohol used to do the trick, dulled the senses, but even that's stopped. The resultant effect of damming that hole has me walking up at night with an outpouring of a myriad of ideas, thoughts and questions, all in need of a pen or damned heavy weight. Which is forgotten in a flash by the realising need to visit the bathroom.

So when will my time in purgatory end? Sometime before, during or after 2012.

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