Sunday, 29 January 2012

Watering other people gardens

I was minding my own business - which i do on a regular basis - when i heard what sounded like, well actually it was, high screeches, laughter and hysterical screeches from outside.  The entertainment venue was having another do and people were either queuing or walking towards the entrance.

After five minutes of this continual screeching i decided to investigate.  On the one side there was nothing but the passing of cars and people walking down, but i could still hear the hysterics, so popped into the other room and opened the curtain.

I'm not sure who was surprised, the one girl who was taking a picture of another girl who was posing, or after a quick shout from the blond-haired girl taking the picture on her mobile, their other female friend who scurried from the gap still pulling up her skirt - no doubt relieving herself underneath windows before entering the venue.

Before you say i'm being preposterous, let me re-assure you, i really wish i was.  There is no security from the venue checking, and i don't often feel in the mood to sit or stand by the window to take make note.  But this wasn't the first time.  On another occasion a whole group (five if memory serves me correctly) had popped over the wall and only done a runner when i tapped by the window with camera in hand, or another time in broad daylight when two guys peed by the neighbours window. 

Of course my thoughts turn to electrified panels, or fences.  I'm sure they would neither like nor enjoy someone peeing by their windows on a regular or any basis. Can't even hibernate in peace.

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