Friday, 6 January 2012

For a paper-display ceiling

It's looking at pictures from the, or nasa, or the esa/eso websites, that i hanker after the day when flexible wallpaper type displays are finally a reality, or i'm somewhere where the only stars i see are by cricking my neck and not through oxygen deficient traffic fume poisoning..  

As an inner-city urbanite with 100 or so stars (if i'm lucky) visible with my naked eye in my particular location, it would be nice to wander into a room, look up and see realtime video from a satellite feed of a patch of the universe more or less covering the same patch i'm goggling at.  And when they position a satellite on the other side of the sun -at the opposite end of earth's orbit- pointing outwards, we'll all either continue watching when dawn breaks regardless of the glare of the sun or, if we wish to, simply look at images of the sun - minus all that pesky cloud stuff, or lasering of eyeballs. 

The following is the smoky light pink heart of the omega nebula captured by eso's very large telescope (vlt), from

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