Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The lovely people - III

Someone queried the other day, "how are the lovely people?"

"A little less dreadful, but it was christmas and they spent it away," I said.  Then i realised i'd actually perked up over the period - in hindsight.  The only oddity, perhaps even a downside, was the increasing amount of pollution seemingly hanging in the air, or over the air here, during the past couple of weeks.  Either that or my body's starting to produce it's own over-powering brand of incense!

As the gaseous porosity of the structure continues to make itself known, with flows rolling from one part of the block to another, so the smells of burnt toast, eggs, farts, and roast dinners follows the paths of ease accessing willing, or otherwise, nostrils through the papier-mâché construction.

I believe one reason why there appears to be an increase in pollution levels, can be aimed squarely towards the main gate of the courtyard undergoing its transformation.  It was, apparently, "too heavy."  The fact people used to push it open with cars or vans appears to have been moot; so its frame - a former shadow of itself if you will - now swings pitifully open or closed, nary a bang let alone shudder, announcing its presence.
The top bit of the ex-solid-gate, looks sullenly out as the naked bottom bit allows anything smaller than a rugby ball to sail straight through completely unhindered, and as the other end of the estate is ringed by structures, any odd molecule heavy enough and not too disturbed by breeze has the ability to slowly gather.  As the amount of breeze over the past week has been less  than minimal, so the noticeable increase in pollution levels, for those duffers inhabiting the first level or two.

But at least i still have the option to do things and move my carcase.  RIP for those poor souls caught in the costa concordia event.  I wonder when the expression, "you damned schett you, get back to your post!" will become the berating phrase of choice?

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