Monday, 2 January 2012

Best tools for that hunting

In this day and age, there really is no excuse not to have your smartphone be your lifeline when going to look at new property.  But which ones?  What sorts?

Well in no particular order or whether they exist yet, here's my app wishlist for this new year!

1. Eye app - to poke you in the eye should you be sighted but walking around with your eyes closed.

2. Sound meter app - to check sound levels indoors and out, during your six different visits at varying times of day and night, to the delightful area.

3. The humidity app - to point into various corners providing you with an indication whether you need to up your kagool purchase to one container load.

4. The infra-red app - to check for those areas leaking most energy.  Especially when you have your own mouth closed.

5. The avoid the screaming children and parents, who think its okay for their little dears to kick a ball against your windows app.  The paid for version has the teenager, grumpy pensioner and dangerous dog alert add-on included for free!

6.  The particulate matter collector app (air-borne and side sampling) - showing an interactive snapshot of your lungs and timeline of just how long it will take before your lungs pack in, by displaying pollution levels in the area is, despite any attempts at sprucing and spraying with pledge or that lovely fresh covering smell of a baked oaf.

7.  The, is there a communal garden and why is it rarely used app.

8.  The, for such a small location there's sure a load of for sale/rent signs around app.  See the previous 7 apps.

9. The check how many emergency services are stationed in your locale, for as handy as they are should your place burn down, or you end up struck by a falling goose, when there's nothing wrong with you, you might not enjoy listening to the sirens at all hours of day or night app. 

10. A measuring app to check the area for subsidance then work out the possible causes for the large cracks in the flats you visited in the area.

There it is.  10 apps to make your experience a delightful and enjoyable one.  Remember.  With a sound meter app installed when looking at potentials, anything regularly averaging of over 58 decibels, forget it.  Run.  Run hard and fast and far away.

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