Thursday, 5 January 2012

Intolerant abuse

Many will have seen the video of the woman on a london, uk tram shouting abuse at people who have come to the country; as far as she was concerned that comprised of: black, polish and brown people.  But if you look in her eyes, they are strangely devoid of that piercing blueness of, i presume, what she would classify as purity, meaning that she too (if someone took the time to trace her genealogy) might not be viewed as real true stock - either that or i wasn't squinting hard enough.

The world is getting smaller.  Many will blame what happens to them on the influx of people who are different.  Tensions will increase, as more people are thrown on various scrap-heaps due to increasing and ever cheaper automation and more companies with a surplus of want-ins vastly outnumbering the number of vacancies so why not drop the amount they pay and make the people who make it through the beauty pageant work harder - it's a cost saving exercise after all and next years new jet wont buy itself. 

With wards, famines, more disasters and commodity speculation on the rise, people will do what millions have done before -given half a chance- and migrate to places where, if they are unable to truly prosper, at least allow them to survive.

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