Sunday, 22 January 2012

Gripping noise

I was gripped, focused like a slightly wavering laser on lisa jardines point of view: volume control, the other day broadcast on bbc radio 4.


As she spell-blindingly weaved the horror (my interpretation) people are subjected to in growing urban islands by the incessant ever-increasing noise, which is taking place on a daily basis.  Wonder what she'd make of this particular noise hole and tfls & lambeth councils recalcitrance (from empirical evidence) in reducing it?


Until the end.  When she basically said things will only get worse, so we'll all "have to develop our own personal self protective strategies for dealing with it.  Like improving our powers of concentration!"


I quickly filed through my back catalogue of half-penned, on the wobbly drawing-board need more angst before they'll ever see the light of day finishing ideas pile, and alighted on the personal emp portable generated user field - otherwise known as pepguf TM - simply gathering dust, whilst managing to glare back at me seethingly.

Yes, that would bring a brief respite of quiet noise crashing down on the area.  Might even create one more day (however briefly) in the year, when silence, or a suitable simulacrum thereof, can once again reign supreme.

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