Thursday, 20 October 2011

Argos online continuing blues

I thought my mathematical adding up ability was rubbish; but argos it appears to have beaten me hands down.

Their online site is currently running a special offer which ends on the 20th January 2012, where you can save £30 if you purchase 3 products in a package, instead of each one individually.

The items:
1. 5+2 drawer chest - oak,  £87.99p
2. 3 Drawer bedside chest - oak £46.61p
3. 2 Door wardrobe - oak £103.99p
Total: £244.59.

The buy all three items in the one package special price?  £279.97p.

Yes, you read correctly, and with figures changing on a daily basis it's an easy mistake to make.  Although odd that it was one of two items i randomly looked at.  So if you mistakenly pay the special package price of £279.97, instead of buying them separately which would total £244.59, the whole transaction could on the face of it, actually set your wallet back by an extra you £35.38p, or £65.38p if you expected to be actually making that £30 saving.

But don't take my word for it.  Following this paragraph is a snapshot of the offending page, simply for others to wanting to confirm my calculations for themselves, before the details are unerringly corrected.  Just to make sure that neither my adding up nor the calculator i'm using are, in this instance, incorrect.

So where exactly does their creative imaginary £30 saving - they appear to have conjured from nowhere - actually come from?  It certainly can't be from the figures they've provided on their own site.  Unless, you have to submit all your details and reach the payment stage before the accurate figures are displayed.  If that is the case, then again in this day and age, that's bad policy.

I know this looks like i'm picking on them, but really guys & gals this is the equivalent of walking past a line of pots which are pristine and well cared for to see one that has more chips in it than the local chippy, the earths dried out and what used to be a thriving bush is now a dead twig... oh that's why i enjoy shopping there!  I'll give it a few months.

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