Wednesday, 19 October 2011

TFL's engines of change?

This morning i dragged open the living room curtains which creaked and groaned expressions of disapproval, expecting to see two things: one, the windows of the living room would be beaded with condensation as the flat begins its autumnal transformation into a winter mold paradise, and two, buses would be sitting on either side of  road - belching out their toxic fumes - making living here less healthy than placing an abode above a powerstation's smoke stake.

I was, briefly, wrong (which is odd) on both counts.

Half an hour later the engines remained switched off.  Which is curious.  Normally, regardless of whether its warm, hot, cool or freezing, many of the drivers leave their engines ticking over... unless, unless there is some sort of unofficial (but they all know about it) inspection taking place and they're putting their best behaviour front and place - which is generally the case when relative silence descends on the area.

Which means there was probably a reduction in the level of pollution i was sucking into my lungs during the morning and so, probably, without any other type of test to confirm a contributory factor to waking up feeling rather quite cheery.

Naturally the mood soon dissipated.

Now i wonder what's happening in the republic of southern sudan?

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