Saturday, 22 October 2011


As a part-time eve online player - and a rubbish player to boot - i periodically pop back into the eeniverse  - especially when i have far better things to do or news of a player revolt reaches my ears - to view all the fun i'm missing or trolling trogs i've happily escaped from.

Compared to the early years, today's gameplay is a lot more involved, with ships costing anywhere in the region of hundreds of millions to many billions, gamers have a lot more to lose or gain making the whole experience one for those with patience and a view more set on the long-term.

But don't let the games complexity deter you.  After a few hours you'll be happily (with a lost ship or two behind you) progressing along which-ever carer path you choose.  You can either remain a generalist which will take time to become good at manufacturing using blueprints which hardly waste any materials in equipment production, or firing missiles with increased speed and greater damage, the same for guns, or specialising down one particular path, finding a niche subject and milking it for all you're worth.

The biggest fun however, is being part of the player corp where financial/material and social gains are made - if your leader knows what he/she/it is doing.  But whether you camp miners, or mine missions, dart the hole, or pirate your way to infamy; the game is as inclusive and as fun as you and those around you choose it to be.

Over the years players have found ways of using the game to produce artwork, books, and even a wonderful piece of machina: clear skies which brought great hilarity with such terms as trust in the rust and top and bottom wingy bit.  There are plenty other references and throw-aways which originate from the game play.  If you've previously played or are a current player, watching clear skies adds that extra little layer of iron-oxide to the fun.  Playing isn't a pre-requisite to watching though.  So sit back, dim the lights, maximise the screen, as you look towards clear skies!

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