Thursday, 20 October 2011

Quantum levitation

Each day the increasing breadth of knowledge produces not only better products, but inches ever forwards towards that realm of potential promise where shirts are washed and dried in an instant (if you do your own washing that is), travel takes no time at all and there are certainly not any queues, leaving us looking back and wondering when it all happened.

The other day one of the neighbours had her 100th birthday, and in previous year (so i've been told) used to reminisce about periods when horse-drawn carts and horse poop used to be the highlight of the day, whilst  to get from the the uk to the usa you had to take a few weeks out, sailing the ocean blue. 

Along with those centenarians who say things are just too noisy now, let's hope that quantum levitation enables an improvement in the species' lot, and is not simply used as another means or excuse for waging war, in the name of the people.

Many thanks to dcm for the link.


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