Friday, 3 June 2011

Interesting politics

Many would conscribe to the lot of politicians the title scoundrel; that paints a wide unforgiving brush, as peoples perceptions not only encompass the scoundrels but those who sincerely wish the best for their constituents - a seemingly vanishing breed!

But over the past few phasing years - whilst turning into a hermit living in one of the most populated parts of the uk - my curiosity has perked over the goings on that occur in: the usa, australia, the eu, china, russia, the galapogos, places from the arctic to the sheering wilkins ice-sheet off the antartic.  Indeed any other location around the globe except for here, in the stoloniferous, dull, hide-bound and dessicated dust-bowl of a legislature, that goes by the long-lapsed title of mother of all parliaments.  Where voting for any leg of the milkmaids stool,  dumps on you the same lap-full quantity of effluent.

I digress.

There appears to be a growing tide of do what i tell you to do as opposed to do what you want to do, as long as it doesn't harm anyone, or, do what we tell you to do - as that's the law, creeping back into the centre of things.  Always a bad sign. As it tends to be souls aiming to expunge their own lack of fortitude in those particular departments, or those who hear the voices telling them to expunge - usually with malice - those who fail to expediently expunge such badness from their horrid torrid existence, who are most ardent in ensuring the rigorous instalment of proscribing strictures.

With nearly 7bn people living on the crust, many of whom have that horrible propensity to think independently how, under any current models, will every digit of those billions actually have a workable say in anything that goes on?

They can't and they don't.

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