Thursday, 9 June 2011

Surely not a spam-scam?

I awoke yesterday morning to discover i was the rather surprised winner of winning ticket number 00869575733664, with the lucky numbers 12-12-23-35-40-41 (12) - which would indeed be an interesting draw, if any number drawn could then be used over and over again; forget the 1 in a 116,531,800 approximate chance of winning the euromillions jackpot, this would make it more 1 in a: not this, or the next, or the next, but the end of the next universe's time-line chance of winning the big one kind of odds.

[Warning, bubble expansion detected!]

Bizarrely on this occasion, i won!

How remarkable is that?  Having a lucky ticket i never purchased or possessed, with numbers i never entered, in a lottery with no name, that simply turns up trumps!


Oh, there goes a unicorn by the window, giving me a wink and a nod - how sweet.

My ardour at wondering what to do with this newly found virtual wealth was somewhat deflated, when i found out the ticket number had been in circulation since the 1st of March this year.  Not only the same ticket number, but the same lucky numbers too.  One thing which has changed however is bernard graham's email, which appears to have gone through more permutations than any of the winning numbers or tickets purportedly waiting to dump on some poor unlucky soul.  The appearance of an interloper (in the form of a ms peterson) is perhaps an indication that mr graham's success rate at reeling in recalcitrant winners is less than stellar, and so a new tak's been attempted..

Don't forget and let me re-iterate; without me having to lift a finger, press a digit, do anything, but  simply exist and be the proud owner of an email address, some spam-bot has informed me i am richer to the grand sum of £500,000.  Of course that's on top of the $950 mn i won from bp oil, the $200 mn from volvo, the lower-body extension that would make pan blush until the end of time, and all those other emails saying how wonderfully lucky i really am, "just press that reply button" or click that link for "riches beyond your dreams."

Now in case you're wondering about any of the above, i hope the inclusion of the unicorn gave the whole game away and removed the cranial-occlussion you may have harboured as to the authenticity of these large, out of the blue, and utterly non-existent imaginary lump sums.  Without proper sand-boxing, and other measure, clicking will only win you a trojan(s), a worm(s), virus('s) or other infection on your computer, soon followed by the sad emptying of your account - if you do online banking, use credit or debit cards that is.

So if anything looks like the following (with or withou glaring errors and mistakes) for fends sake don't click or follow.  Just report as spam and delete.

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