Monday, 9 May 2011

Missing things

A wedding and an assassination?
Damn that thames mudbank.
I have nothing against or for royalty, they are after all royal by the appointment of the imaginary sky being and so have nothing at all to do with any underhand skulduggery, wars, plots, machinations, or even schemes.  Plus it's always good to have new blood pumped into a family, otherwise it's simply a re-run of the "hills have eyes."
Ah yes assassinations.  After trillions spent bombing the blazes out of two countries, allowing the priceless destruction of antiquities, imprisoning thousands, monitoring our every move for the sake of our security, allowing the tainting of a wide-spread of people, trampling over cultural sensibilities; all of a sudden when it comes to osama bin laden, they get all coy and pay an obsequious nod to traditions by undertaking a burial (or dunking) at sea.  
Did they stick him in a gun turret, or a torpedo tube and pop him out that way?  
The pendulum.

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