Monday, 16 May 2011


Taking a break from studying - especially as headphones are now permanently attached - i had a sound abuse itch that required scratching; so in best copy and paste mode i popped together 'beglad' over the weekend. 

Compared to the other motley tracks i've cobbled together over the past months, this one's a smidgeon (a miniscule smidge mind) improved - with the proviso it's listened through headphones. 

Eventually, i'll listen to my output through speakers or even decent headphones.  Until that day arrives, be warned.  Listening through speakers over headphones is only recommended for the brave, or (for those like myself) the foolhardy.

You can find this little ear-bleeder in the reverbnation widget on the right hand side.

Now onto other matters... nick clegg in it again, bees making a comeback, eurovision nightmares, politician in fiddling drama as strad goes missing... 

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