Saturday, 7 November 2009

Green credentials, ha... haha... hahahahaha....

I was so underwhelmed by my previous post on tfl i had to pay the topic another visit, and throw in the local council at the same time.

Over the past couple of days i have been mulling over the transport for londons 2008 environment report".  A report which opened up to reveal a beautifully put together, laden with all the proper buzz words, 30 page report about how green they have been, are being and will be, covering a fully-proofed 365°future.  So green and aware, they even disabled the pdf printing ability, so if you wanted a copy you had to whizz off and order and then wait for it to be delivered by carbon friendly post, hm ok. 

Millions have and will continue to be spent on greener buses, of coming up with wonderful new environmentally friendly ways of scratching their heads, working out how to reduce the impact on the coughing and choking land.

One way, which may save a few hundred or thousand tonnes of toxic emissions daily, would be to have bus drivers turn off their engines when using terminus’s.  Amazing, simple, even easy (you would have thought) to implement — if drivers can remember a whole route then you would have thought that the probability of remembering a command (from the non-driving higher ups) to switch off an engine when at a stand might stick for more than two trips around the route map, in a pavlovian kind of way — something that would, within days, start to improve their monstrous footprint and contribute to a reduction in the city’s level of noise and air pollution — apparently the 13th leading cause of death.

As the tfl energy pledge went on to say: “the initiative encouraged staff to make one simple change to their working lives to help reduce the amount of energy tfl uses…” which is all well and good for head office staff, but it might have proved far more useful had it been applied across the entire frontline operation of their buses division.

And the council?

“Nothing to hear here. Noise, I hear no noise ta-da-de-da.  Just your imagination.”

Hm, still underwhelmed, might have to put an illustration up the next visitation.

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