Thursday, 26 November 2009

All thoughts

All thoughts, whether skipping around a meadow under a lightning-tornado-rain sodden ridden sky or the thoughts/image of blood spewing from someone's decapitated head by a passing helicopter as they practice acrobatics helter-skelter down a skiing slope; are all images and thoughts which are put down and filed away for potential future use, under the headings of you never know.

But many of them are simply that, idle thoughts and will eventually dissipate to the back of a filing system, or (if you've got a dreadful memory like mine) dissipate from mind and may at some far flung time in the future when only a smidgen of a sliver of the original thought will remain, and be forever lost as to its relevance. In many respects having that occur i believe is a very good thing, at other times it could be viewed as bad. Imagine remembering everything you've ever thought about whether for a fleeting second to that opus taking chunks of years at a time.  It would be the equivalent of never deleting anything (files, programs, data) from a hard drive whilst adding to it daily and expecting it to still work flawlessly and as speedily as the first day you brought it, 20 years later.

As I always say though, wouldn't it be a dreadfully boring world if we were all the same, did all the same things, thought exactly the same, and all wore the same - well that's today's thought; attack of the clones, eat your heart out.

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