Monday, 30 November 2009

Blasting the cobwebs of history?

The saying goes; "those who forget history are bound to repeat it," and i know there's something at the edge of my consciousness that just refuses to go away or clarify!

Something various parties (judging by the amount of column/pixel inch coverage) due the rapidly approaching election seem to have forgotten - even when those inches refuse to add anything towards a good sound-bite. Whichever hue of government comes in there'll be a surprising development (whether home or abroad) that will mean a sharp decrease in our security and so our already harshly trammeled privacy, more regulation adding to the over burdened law books, more (but at least greener) taxes to ensure that the children's children children might have a hope of staring up at a clear cloudless blue sky without the fear of been burnt to death by the combination centuries concentration of pollution and more activity from our star.

But there'll be so many laws that the conservatives (barring a major upset in the prediction stakes) will have to repeal in relation to the few the labour government actually allowed that it will be the 3rd to 4th year sitting that we'll see how "fundist" the righters will be once they finally oust the young pretender in favour of someone more frightening than tebbers ever was in his prime!

Ah yes, the one thing history teaches us is that regardless if there's the poll-upset to unseat all poll-upsets and either the liberals or greens manage to get their hands on the mace, in the end we'll still be at the whim of global trade routes, traders and financial centres - otherwise known as jungles.

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