Saturday, 28 November 2009

Blagging the hack

It would appear that the us is conducting two differing types of reactions to unauthorised intrusions from unauthorised personnel into sensitive areas of power.

On the one hand we have gary mckinnon with (all those years ago) his search for ufo's and those hiding them, who has been hounded by the american justice department for peeking (and hence showing up the lack of security) into the drawers of nasa the pentagon..., and on the second hand two people (tareq and michaele salahi) who fooled security to enter (what should have been) the most secure conscious dinner/party room on the planet, well perhaps apart from the one surrounding laden.

Maybe we'll see if the same or similar rules apply and with so many of the "great and good" gathered in one place providing such a security target, to show how dim a view such behaviour is viewed in, whether the pair will be dragged into the spotlight of incarceration until admitting their "obvious guilt" and showing up the general incompetencies surrounding the security involved with the protection of vips for the next decade or two will probably slip into the "whatever happened to" department.

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