Monday, 22 August 2011

Tfl press releases and envrironmental emissions

I was consuming a bowl of freshly made carrot & coriander soup, when half of it jettisoned across my clean shiny table.

The reason?  Simple, a press release from tfl regarding the output of their buses.  I'm not sure what type of buses these are or which routes they operate on, but the claim was tantamount to saying, "your nuclear melt-down is 1% worse than my nuclear melt-down."

To which the quote:
"...operating one of the cleanest fleets in Europe, London leads the way by trialling new technology, introducing more environmentally friendly hybrid and hydrogen buses to meet tough EU targets which will protect the health of Londoners."
Mike Weston, London Buses Operations Director

It was at the: "protect the health of londoners" bit, that my soup jettisoned, as it was extremely difficult mangling those words (as wonderful and fantastic as they environmentally sounded) together with our parallel unfolding experience here, and trying to work out exactly which universe the quote referred to; as the only time our health is protected in the vicinity of this bus stand, is christmas day, when there are no damned buses.

So i say again, that perhaps members of tfl management, or even mr weston, would care to pop down to our little stand (naturally under cover and not making a song & dance production about it), but an anonymous trip, over three separate periods to see how environmentally unaware and incontinently incapable their foot-soldiers (whom i'm sure are really nice people outside of working hours) appear to be.

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