Monday, 15 August 2011

The problem with now

Its a few years since my abortive attempt at reanimating comatose brain cells, ended in abject party-fuelled failure; but my current environment provided the required boost, whilst nearly derailing those efforts by dousing regular injections of screams, shouts, parties - emanating from the communal garden - newly arriving stomping neighbours, buses at the stand (pumping out noxious fumes 24 hours a day), topped by the venue next door providing obligatory, and jarring, ribcage vibrations.

The potent mix often proved too much for fragile levels of concentration; leaving snatched moments, from inopportune junctures, as fractious shards peppering the study materials to hand.

So last week i was surprised to learn i had scuttled over the line for both courses, and can now start adding alphabet souplets after my name - i presume to show anyone who’s really bothered by that sort of thing, that the few functional brain cells which do exist, can harmoniously work together; showing that despite being a screw-up, i’m not the complete twit i thought i was.

Which is nice.

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